Living with simplicity, contentment and peace

Modern life can be complex.

Quite often we find ourselves overworked by busy routines and competing priorities.

Yet, we are also becoming increasingly aware of the benefits and sense of calm that connecting with nature can afford.

This is when we need to take time out to develop an awareness of wholehearted living. 

Acknowledging, accepting and appreciating who we really are will enable us to learn and live a meaningful and contented life.

Learn to reconnect with yourself through Ikebana Floral Therapy

Nature and flowers help us feel connected, relaxed and re-energised.

The therapeutic process of arranging flowers can boost our mental state, regulate our mood, and help us connect with ourself.

The Japanese way of arranging Ikebana flowers shows us the meaning of life for ourselves, through our close relationship with nature.

Meet Jenny

What I love doing

I’m a registered therapist and a contemporary Ikebana floral designer.

I design custom flower arrangements for special occasions as well as offer my unique therapeutic Ikebana themed classes for individuals looking to live their life with simplicity, contentment and peace.

I offer a wide range of services including

  • Guided themed Mindfulness workshops and Corporate Employee Wellbeing Program
  • Creative, elegant, impactful Japanese style floral arrangements for special occasions, corporate, hospitality settings and property styling
  • Extraordinary gift ideas to celebrate the ones you care about

You will find me in the scenic Mornington Peninsula, and pop-up workshops in the Melbourne metropolitan areas

Why choose me?

My relaxed and positive mindset provides you with a calm, safe and open creative environment and rewarding experience.

“I participated in an Ikebana Workshop with Jenny Rundle. Her knowledge of Ikebana was very informative with a focus on wellbeing, health and happiness. I found the class to be enlightening and fun. I could highly recommend it to anyone. Thankyou Jenny for involving me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Jill V

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