Meet Jenny

About me

Hi, I’m Jenny, founder of Ikebana Floral Therapy. 

I’m a therapist and Ikebana flower designer.

I am passionate about supporting individuals in learning about, and appreciating, the unique art of Japanese flower designs.

By adopting a mindfulness approach, I absolutely believe in the power of creativity to encourage self-reflection, focus and appreciation of life. 

My Experience

I want to share my knowledge, skills, and 30 years of expansive corporate, life and emotional health management and mindfulness practice to support your personal development journey.

My relaxed and positive mindset provides you with a calm, safe and open creative environment and rewarding experience.

My Influence

I live in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

The influence of nature on my approach to flower arranging provide an endless source of creativity and clarity. Whether it be wandering the rugged back-beach, or reflecting in my own Zen garden, by connecting with nature and my surrounds I gain a sense of contentment, gratitude and joy. 

I hope my Ikebana Floral Therapy and bespoke flower arrangements will inspire you to appreciate life in a meaningful, contented, uncluttered, and simple way.

“I participated in an Ikebana Workshop with Jenny Rundle. Her knowledge of Ikebana was very informative with a focus on wellbeing, health and happiness. I found the class to be enlightening and fun. I could highly recommend it to anyone. Thankyou Jenny for involving me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Jill V

The beauty and art of Ikebana